Three Things I Learned After Taking On The Challenge Of Photographing My Dogs Catching Treats




1.Doing It On Your Own Is Not Easy.

I like to think that I’m pretty good at juggling multiple things at once, but honestly I’m much better putting my whole heart into one thing at a time. I took on this challenge of photographing my dogs catching treats one evening when my fiancé was out of the house. Had he been home, I probably would have had a much easier time. Trying to toss a piece of a dog treat half way across the room without having it first hit the light stand or umbrella while simultaneously keeping your dog in the frame, in focus and in the right light, is seriously kind of hard, but also hilarious.









My dogs are amazing. I have been photographing them since they were puppies, so by now they are seasoned pros at modeling. The thing about photographing animals instead of humans is that you can’t really communicate to them with words what you want them to do. Of course, you can use certain commands depending on training, but for the most part it’s just not the same as explaining to a human model what your idea for the image is. This makes things tricky when you have a specific image in mind. Taking the time to be able to anticipate what your subject is going to do is very important. Being patient with them, with the situation and with yourself is key to walking away with a great series of images.




3. The Perfect Moment Isn’t Always The Perfect Catch.

Here’s the thing. You can plan all day for something, do it successfully, and then end up loving something else that came out of it far better than what you originally thought you’d be thrilled about. Before starting this photo shoot, I was really excited about capturing the moment when my dogs caught their treats. I couldn’t wait to see their expressions. I got some really great shots of that moment. I’m really happy with them, but what I am actually thrilled about is something much bigger. As I looked through the finished images, I realized that what I loved most were the moments when my dogs didn’t catch their treats. Those misses made the successes so much sweeter.



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