A Birthday For Cohen


When I was a kid, birthdays were always done really well. Birthday mornings were especially perfect. My mom would get up super early to fill a tray with cut flowers and a beautiful breakfast. She then got everyone else up to help carry presents and candles before walking down the hallway singing The Birthday Song. The sounds of footsteps and off key melodies would pull me out of my dreams as I quickly realized what was happening. The door to my bedroom would fly open as the singing grew louder and more insane. The crazy-haired figures entering my room would slowly form into regular humans as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. We would all have horrible morning hair and bad breath, but we didn’t care because celebrating birthdays before the sun came up was exciting for all of us.

This is a tradition that I hope to continue when I have children of my own someday. For now, I have my hairy children, Kerouac and Cohen who don’t seem to be too excited about the early morning birthday song. Cohen’s 9th birthday is coming up this week, but we decided to celebrate a little early before the weather changes. I baked a giant carrot cupcake using {This Recipe}, and set up a cute spot in the backyard for him to gobble it up. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

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