The Art of Gift Giving.


I love giving gifts.  More specifically, I love giving gifts that were specially made for the people I love.  A few years ago, my boyfriend, James, and I kidnapped his brother and sister-in-law’s dog, Buster, while they were out of town.  We did a quick photo shoot with him, and later turned it into a calendar for their Christmas gift.  The following Christmas, we did the same thing, but with both of their dogs.  Last year they had their first baby.  When the time came to start on Christmas gifts, I realized we couldn’t really do the same thing with their new addition to the family because, well, a baby missing for a few hours would have been a little hard to pull off.

I wanted to give them a gift that they could enjoy with their son for years, so I decided to make them a book.  My mom had given me tools for needle felting a couple of years before, along with a book on how to make tiny felted animals.  I got everything together, along with photos of Buster and Lucy, and spent an entire weekend creating tiny versions of each dog.  When they were finished, I took them out into my yard, and photographed them on an adventure.  James sat down with me a few weeks before Christmas to come up with words for the story.  I’m not going to share the finished book here, but I will share some of my favorite photos that were in it.


Buster and Lucy, the originals.

If you would like to get started on Christmas gifts for your loved ones with pets, shoot me an email {HERE}!

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